Saturday, January 8, 2011

Life is so colorful !

Life like a white paper and it is filled by yourself..
  Give a beautiful color in your life and enjoy it ! :)

Etude house

I got these photo from Google when i search 'Etude house' :

OMG ! I want this all ! It's so cute! yeah, a girl just never get enough \(ˇ▽ˇ)/

Btw, I am waiting etude house opened at one mall in my town, surabaya (grand city). Very exited!

They are leeminho and park shin hye (as the icon of this product) seem like the best couple right? :)

Which is the best photoshoot there?

I have 3 photo from 3 different photographer.
Please help me to rate this images :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

muse for us..

I found it on someone's blog and i reblog it. Such a beautiful poem. :)

"Disaat kamu ingin melepaskan seseorang, ingatlah pada saat kamu ingin mendapatkannya.
Disaat kamu mulai tidak mencintainya, ingatlah saat pertama kamu jatuh cinta padanya.
Disaat kamu mulai bosan padanya, ingatlah selalu saat terindah bersamanya.
Disaat kamu ungin menduakannya, bayangkan jika ia selalu setia,
Disaat kamu membohonginya, ingatlah disaat dia jujur padamu."