Saturday, November 10, 2012


It's been a month since my last post. So sorry. I really miss blogging but tons of assignment are waiting for me. I've no time just to watching DVD, or even refreshing my mind. I am trying the best on my first test a week ago and I still waiting for the result now. Wish me luck for that test okay?

By the way, I am finished watching korean drama "Rooftop prince". It's about a prince named Lee Gak which is comes from 300 years ago into future to find out mystery behind her princess's death. In the present day, the prince meet Hong Se Na who has an uncanny resemblance to his deceased Princess. Then he decided to marry that girl, so he can find out who killed his princess.

But, the prince fall in love with Park ha who is reincarnation from her princess's sister, Bu yong.

At last, Lee Gak realize that the girl who was death isn't his princess, but Bu yong. Bu yong eat the served persimmon that has been poisoned by the princess, and dressed as the princess and jump into the lake, so everyone will think the princess died.

With her last strength, Bu yong write a message for the prince. She tells that she has loved the prince since they were young.

This drama is tells us that if two people are meant together, there is no reason, no time can tear them apart. No matter what era, Lee Gak has fall for her, again and again.