Sunday, November 10, 2013

WGM - Khuntoria

I just finished watching we got married (WGM) nickhun & victoria yesterday and yes, i cried. A lot.
I know this program just a fake marriage but i think they should have feeling for each other! they even kiss on their wedding shoot.<3 p="">

I wake up this morning and the first things i think was them. I feel so sad and disappointed because it's over. This is the first time i feel so many emotion from a tv program. I even think i know how they feel.

I love how nickhun take care of his wife when her cloth show too much skin. and this is so cutee.

this is the first time victoria give a back hugs for her husband. Vic ask nickhun to play piano for her, and he brought the keyboard to the rooftop and play a song. Vic stand behind khun and write something on his back and give him a back hug!

They just come back from maldives, and both of them receive a disc. It's a slideshow picture about all things they've done as a couple for 1 year and 3 month, and in the end it said that their fake marriage will be over on 12.00 PM.

The last day was also their 456 days anniversary, so nickhun make a party for his wife and inviting f(x) member.

When their friend left, khun show a video that he take after received the disc. On that video, i can clearly see khun was holding back his tears because he want them to end it happily. but i think it makes me more sad.

and their last scene was on 63 building, because they meet each other for the first time on that building too!
Vic want to wait khun on level 60-just like the first time-, so she went to lv. 60 first. Then, khun gets lift and go to meet Vic. It breaks my heart when i see khun was crying on his way to meet Vic. :(
When the lift open, vic was standing there and bought a latter. And after that, i don't even care what they say, because i was crying so bad. :p :p

Just get a message that my test score was come out! Even if i can't get an A, but still thanks God i don't need to pay for a remedial test. lol.

so, see you on the next post!

oh, i almost forget! You can watch it online here. :)

Saturday, August 31, 2013

over again

Haven't post anything for a month because I'm enjoying my holiday *wink*. Went to my hometown couple weeks ago to take my e-ktp, and then I went to Bali and Jakarta. I'll post about that next time.

Find out some quotes and pictures from tumblr that matched with my current feeling, so i want to share it.  
have you ever heard that stressed backwards spells desserts? lol


messy bun with a cute ribbon is a good choice when you're too lazy to blow it, rite? ;)

every girl has those problem.

 if you don't have something good to talk, then keep your mouth shut and don't hurt others with your words.
everyone has their own opinion about something they like or not, so please, respect others opinion as well. you don't know how much i hurt when i talk about things that i want, then you said it was ugly and tell me not to buy it, without looking twice. I was heartbroken. I was cried in my silent.
Then, i learned something. You can't ask people to have the same taste with you. If you don't agree with my opinion then tell me with a good words. It's better not to break people's heart.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

jolly july

Hello. Can't believe that it's already July. Time fly too fast, doesn't it? So, i officially(?) finished my first year in university. Have some good friends there and my test score good enough, i think my university life not as bad as i imagined before. Few days ago, me and my friend decided to went to mall because we don't know what should we do in campus but we won't back home. So here we go.

I bought a stiletto heels from Zara. I took it without thinking twice and my friend like, "we just entered this store for less than 5 minutes and you already queued to pay?" But I love this heels. I've been searching for a long time since it's already sold out there and I can't find another store who sell that kind of heels. So, when i came last time and look that stiletto, I bought it without even telling my mom because I think if you want to buy something then buy it, or you'll be blame yourself why you don't buy it.

Btw, it's on end season sale, so it's okay. :p

Honestly, I want the blue one since i love blue, but i think black is not bad. I can tell you that I am not kind of girls who usually buy a pair of heels like that because I don't wear heels everyday to mall. I prefer to wear something comfy like flat or flip flop. I think my obsession about that one a little bit abnormal. I even buy one size bigger since i can't find mine.

 PS : editing my photo because have nothing to do. Personally I like the red light effect :p

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


This post must be posted last week but i forgot it. My bad, sorry :(
I got a long holiday (almost one month), although it's not a semester holiday. You jealous, right? hahaha. But having a holiday like this make me more depressed because i don't know what should i do and end up watching running man all day long. I sit in front of my laptop and online almost 8 hours every day and make myself very very unproductive, 진짜.  I also eat a lot since I have too much free time. I think I am gonna be a polar bear if I got one-year-holiday. *sigh*

Monday, April 29, 2013


when you angry, what you do?
when you disappointed, what you do?
when you sad, what you do?

i am kind of people who can cry easily when i watch a romantic drama, but not easily cry when people angry with me. but, when it comes to my parent, i turn into a cry-out baby. every words they said killing me slowly. i feel disappointed yet angry in the same time, and what i do is cry.

i just make a quick post because honestly, i need to talk with someone right now or just write that on my blog. btw, i am in love with flower lately ( i don't hate flower before, okay?). maybe because i am watch a lot of drama or because i am become a hopeless romantic person. :p

image from tumblr.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Friendship bracelet part 2

I've write this post a couple weeks ago but have no time to upload the picture from my phone. So, here is it.

Few month ago, I make a post about how to make the partition on friendship bracelet, and now I am going to tell you how to make a simple friendship bracelet. Oh, and about the tutorial to make the partition, you can click here.

Some of you maybe think making friendship bracelets is very difficult, but I am sure it will be so easy if you pay attention to the detail and of course, patient.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I think loneliness is bothering me. i don't know why. even there's a lot of people beside me, but i still feel i am alone. who can i trust? who hate me? who talk behind me?  i can't even make sure that my close friend love me as much as i do. life is gonna complicated because my heart works too hard, i think.
btw, i am tired being "bullied". i give " " because it's an implicit bullying. i mean, they're playing with me and because i respond it with a laugh, they become more annoying. started with a small action, then it comes to execrable. they pull my chair and it started. they draw my hand with a pen, they sign in my book, they got my stitch pencil case and playing with the stitch's tail. i can't move because the teacher was there and their foot hold my chair. so i stuck there. they call me fragile because i don't fight beck after what they do. i told you, it's not because i can't, but i don't want to. i am not angry. seriously. i am just tired.
and for whoever got bullied, be strong! maybe i can't give you a better motivation, but i know what you feel. remember, karma does exist.
just wait.

have a test next week so i need to studying right know. wish me tons of luck.

Monday, February 18, 2013

take a walk

I am not in the mood to write(hahahaha!), so let the picture do the talking. Enjoy!:)



Kuala lumpur, Kinabalu, Malaysia - 2012

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

  Been on holiday for a week with my family so I didn't have a chance to post anything here.
I've been blogging for more than two years. Sometimes, I create a lot of post in a month but there's a times when I didn't post anything. I've been busier in my university, so when I have a holiday it feels like out of jail. I'd like to apologized for not able to post as much as I do before, but I'll try my best this year.
And of course thank you so much for reading my blog!

Last but not least,
Happy New Year to all of you guys!
 New year, New beginning, New story