Saturday, April 28, 2012

Balifornia - Day 2. Waterboom, Jimbaran, Kuta beach.

So, it is my second day on Bali. I wake up early to have a walk and of course to see the sunrise, but unfortunately the sun was covered by the clouds so that morning I just enjoy the beach, breathe in the fresh morning air and let my feet touched the beach sand.

Oh, this is our hotel, Grand Inna Bali Beach, Sanur.

In the afternoon, we go to Jimbaran, Kuta beach, to enjoy the view of sunset and have a dinner. Before there, we play on Waterboom, but I don't take any photos there. Sorry. ;)

And, it is my class, IA5. They are so lovely, amazing, unforgettable. Will be miss every moment with you, guys!

The view of sunset.

On the night, my classmate make an activity to give award to our friend. Here is people who get the award.

 The most hyperactive.
 The most narcissism.
 The most grumpy.
 Model wanna be.

 The purest.
 The most fashionable.
Who always get bullying.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Balifornia - Day 1. Tanjung benoa

Last week, my school, Sinlui, make a farewell vacation to their students. We go to Bali with 13 buses that go hand in hand for hours and of course escorted by police cars.

The first plan of my class is tanjung benoa. We can play a lot of kind of water sport like banana boat, flying fish, and so on. Oh, it is very safety of course. ;)

The girl in the picture is Nia. Yes, she shaved her hair. It's ROCK!

 I'm the girl who use yellow hair tie. Do you realize something from the me? ya, I shaved my hair too. What do you think?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Prada's SS12 flame collection

As far as shoes go, they are one of the most brightest and unique shoes. Yes, we are talking about Prada’s spring/summer 2012 flame heels.

This is what Prada did to their SS12 shoes. Of all the places designers look for inspiration, Prada found theirs in cars from the 50s. The result is shoes decked out with car parts like spoilers, wings, lights, chrome accents, and flames.

And here is the bags with the same themes, flame.

and their swim suit and jacket

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

asymmetrical purp

First of all, I'm not a fashion blogger. I love fashion, but I just have a reason why I can't be a fashion blogger. I say can't not won't. I just think I have no criteria to be a good fashion blogger.
Here is some photo i take by myself. Hope you like it. And if you have a Lookbook, hype me! :)

I was wearing a tailored purplish blue asymmetrical maxi dress and a very comfort gladiator heels from Gosh shoe. Every single photo was taken by myself with my brother iPad.