Saturday, December 31, 2011

hello central java!

I've go to Jogja and solo for 5 days. Actually, i don't really like jogja. Not because the people or the city. I just don't like their culture. Jogja's people like to plays kuda lumping, and they possessed because of some 'unknown spirit' that enter to their body. In that condition, they can eat a glass or barbed wire, and sometimes they can attack people around there. It's really scared.
I've write that post not to make you hate Jogja's culture. Its just my opinion. By the way, there are some photo I take in jogja. Here is it.

Keep walking, Hamster!

What a beautiful sunflower.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


"Things that need to end is judging others just what they like to wear, listen to, believe in, or how they look."

I am trying now. Really.
I don't want to doing bad things anymore.
I just don't wanna be worst and worst in your eyes, God.
I really want to be a better person.
try to don't judging people, try to forgive everyone who hurting me, try to be more and more patience, try to loves my family and friend more than before. And of course, loves u more and more than anything.
Just help me, ya? I have no one to leads me.
But i am seriously. I really want to change.
i really do.

Friday, November 11, 2011

hello 11.11.11 !

Today, my special post is for my hunny bunny sweety, Evelyn Ongkodjojo hahahaha :*
tomorrow i promise to write a post about her. so i do it today!
she's my friend since i'm on 10th grade on sinlui shs. She's very kind person, funny, smart, very very very very patient (to teach me, on english subject i mean. and u know, i got 81! thankyopu dear :*), always hungry and of course, NO LIES!

 with her, i can tell anything. when we boring, we can text each other just to say "hi honey" or "hello dear". And i think every time we text, you always say that your hungry, isn't it? hahahahahaha and i just say remember the fat on your body dear, lol.
but, it is very sweet for me :) (for u to, right?? :D)
 I never want we have a problem, because i am think i never find another person like u again. I love you with all my heart. BBF! BFF ya! :*

i just wish our friendship never end :* (kiss and big hug)

Friday, October 28, 2011

not good enough

I know I am not smart enough on english so I can't write a good articel in my blog.
But, I love to write and blogging.
I think on my blog I can share anything.
When I feel very bad I can write here.
When I feel upset, I can write here.
I really need a place to share my life.

stay strong

reading yoan's articel its really touching. stay strong bunbun!

America next top model cycle 16 "crazy for"

i know it too late for me to post about that cycle. but i still want to post it! i love this session so damn much!
 crazy for fur
 crazy for shoes
crazy for bag
 crazy for make up (2 tumbs up for u jaqueline :D )
 crazy for hair (do you think that she crazy of hair?)
 crazy for sale
crazy for accessories


Now i fall in love with platform! Actually i love it after i see a fashion blogger who love platform wear it and it seem so gorgeous, unique, and edgy in the same time.

source :

All day long photo session

I have made my photo session with Lunette. That photo session is for my birthday on 8th Oct 2011. I'm so tired and boring because it is one-day photo session. One of the photographer very cool and it make me feel more boring. But actually it's good to have my photo with them. :)

The ginger doll is one of my photographer's, and I find it on his car.
I just fall in love with that doll and I playing it during the way to another photon session place.
And I so thankful to whoever that bring that doll to me so I can have the picture with that doll.

This is the edited photo from them, and next time I'll post another non-edited photo. Hope I don't forget it :)

Wardrobe : from my own collection
make up and hair do : Cherry

After lunette suggested me to use cherry as my make up artist for that pre-sweet photo, I just in love with her works. Not to much, just perfect for me.

 Photography by lunette visual industrie

Friday, September 2, 2011

Dream high

Dream High

I can fly high, I believe that
I can go up in that sky
Open my wings
Fly freely up more then anyone
Believe in myself once more, Belive in my faith
Bet everything, and I'm going to jump a wall taller then me
Dont give up on your dreams
When you're young, DREAM HIGH
Taecyeon, Wooyoung, IU, Suzy, JOO - Dream High

I have a dream, Even if I'm thrown away or ripped to shreds
Deep in my heart I have a dream as precious as gem
One day I will pass over that wall
And be able to fly As high as the sky
This heavy thing called life can't tie me down
At the end of my life I can smile, let's be together
Insooni - Goose's Dream

I was looking at my dream that is being deemed far away
And I was standing blankly
I don’t have anything left any more
I thought about giving up everything, but
I am standing up again
I step forward carefully
My heart is full of fears
but it’s an excitement
I step forward towards
the dream that I am going to meet some day
Kim Soo Hyun - Dreaming

I can’t let you go till I die, if you go, if you leave, fix my heart
Let me live without any pain, if not since I can’t live
I can’t let you go till I die
2AM - I Can't Let You Go Even If I Die

Because of you I was able to feel what love is
So I thank you
Honey, you are my valentine
You’re my love forever
Honey, you are my valentine
You’re still my love even if you’ve left me
Nickhun & Taecyeon - My Valentine

My cold heart suddenly a little bit melted when you come to me
And then secretly you filled my heart
While thinking of you, I realize you're already in my heart
At first I didn't know I'd be like that
I'd be thinking of you, I'd be loving you
Maybe you're the one 
Maybe it is true 
We always very closed each other
So I didn't know that I'm in love with you
I knew it's too late, I knew it's now but
This heart will be never swayed
Sunye - Maybe

Whenever I see you, whenever you smile for me 
Little by little, my feelings for you grew
When I think of you, when I picture you, 
my beating heart doesn’t know how to stop
I can’t hide my feelings anymore, I want to give it all to you
I’m always close to you, can’t I love you? 
This heart wants to protect you more than anyone else, 
Can you accept it?
To be the one that’s in your heart, can’t I be that? 
To be the most important person in your life is what I want to be
Now its no secret that my heart is filled with love for you
2AM Changmin and JinWoon - Can't I Love You

Don’t leave
Don’t lie 
Don’t try to tie me down with empty words,
To see us separate like this, it scares me.
To see us carry on like this, it scares me more
Would you come back?
The love we had hurts too much, just like this,
Even though we were happy
For the last time, please think it twice
I beg you
Junsu & Lim Jeong Hee - Don't Go
Just hearing news about you,
I shed tears once again
Flowing tears mean you still weren’t forgotten
If I don’t want anyone else, then that means I did not forget you
I wanted to say that many days went by to forget you but…
It couldn’t be done
I can’t forget you
Because I still love you
The saying, “Anybody’s love will eventually be forgotten over time..”
says who?
Park Jin Young - If

I hope this tears will stop running someday
I hope the warm sunshine dries these tears
I tell myself to believe in myself, but I don’t
Now I don’t know how longer I can hold out
Although the night is long, the sun comes up
Someday my painful heart will get well
I hope it helps me now hope the God will help me
I don’t have enough confidence more and more to overcome myself
~ IU - Someday

Friday, March 25, 2011

i'm back !

woahh i didn't post anything for a long time, sorryyy :'(
i've many homeworks to do :'(
my mom tell me that my father's friend got brain cancer because he in front of the computer for a day.
my mom so scared.
so she don't let me to open computer for hours.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

i wish you here...

At first, I am just friends with you,

but after a long time I am getting closer to you

I have falling in love with you.
But, when I realize this feeling,
I also realized that you already can not be mine
And that love make me fell stupid.
but i never regret for loving you, with all my heart..

tumblr ♥

There's some picture i got from tumblr

so cool right? :)

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