Wednesday, November 23, 2011


"Things that need to end is judging others just what they like to wear, listen to, believe in, or how they look."

I am trying now. Really.
I don't want to doing bad things anymore.
I just don't wanna be worst and worst in your eyes, God.
I really want to be a better person.
try to don't judging people, try to forgive everyone who hurting me, try to be more and more patience, try to loves my family and friend more than before. And of course, loves u more and more than anything.
Just help me, ya? I have no one to leads me.
But i am seriously. I really want to change.
i really do.

Friday, November 11, 2011

hello 11.11.11 !

Today, my special post is for my hunny bunny sweety, Evelyn Ongkodjojo hahahaha :*
tomorrow i promise to write a post about her. so i do it today!
she's my friend since i'm on 10th grade on sinlui shs. She's very kind person, funny, smart, very very very very patient (to teach me, on english subject i mean. and u know, i got 81! thankyopu dear :*), always hungry and of course, NO LIES!

 with her, i can tell anything. when we boring, we can text each other just to say "hi honey" or "hello dear". And i think every time we text, you always say that your hungry, isn't it? hahahahahaha and i just say remember the fat on your body dear, lol.
but, it is very sweet for me :) (for u to, right?? :D)
 I never want we have a problem, because i am think i never find another person like u again. I love you with all my heart. BBF! BFF ya! :*

i just wish our friendship never end :* (kiss and big hug)