Saturday, September 29, 2012

too late

I miss blogging. I miss holiday. I miss my high school. I miss how I can spend my day in front of my laptop watching DVD, browsing, and blogging! I am totally busy. I've a lot of school's things to do, I've prepare for presentation every week, I have no time even for hang out and it's so stressful.
By the way, as I said before, here is my orientation photo :

Here is my outfits and things that I need for complete this project. Yellow top and pants with '16', totally cute but shameful domo shower cap, toothbrush, toothpaste, mineral water for mouthwash, and I am ready to find the traffic light! GO GO GO!

The result :

And the shocking news : THE PHOTO INCORRECT, because the traffic lamp pillar must be yellow too! OH!Then I take a photo again with my friend in Saturday night, at the traffic lamp in front of mall, when every people around watching us.
oh man.

Monday, September 17, 2012

finally it's over!

Oh finally I can my normal life is come back!
Almost 2 weeks having an orientation day on my university really make me imprisoned.
Every morning before the sun-up, I've go to my university and go home when the sun already gone. I just sleep for 3 hours everyday because orientation's committee give a lot of task to do. I feel like a walking zombie for this 2 weeks. The first week, I have an orientation week for every new collage student named PRODAMMABA (PROgram penDAMpingan MAhasiswa BAru), then the second week, I have an orientation week for dentistry students named LDKM-TA (Latihan Dasar Kepemimpinan Mahasiswa - Temu Akrab). LDKM is totally complicated, because if someone make a mistake, all of us will get a punishment, because they say, when one of us make a mistake, it's one group's faults, and group's faults is everyone's fault. Dentistry orientation's committee ask all of us to bring something, but it must be same with each other.  For example, they ask us to bring 5 kind of food but it must be yellow, bring yellow lunchbox, black bag, make a paper about Kalimantan, etc. They also ask us to have a photo with a yellow shirt with the number 16 in black on the middle, yellow pants, and shower cup. The photo must be taken in the traffic light with the yellow pole when the yellow lamp turn on and one of your hand must be brushing the teeth until the foam is seen and the other hand make a 'peace'. And if you ask me, what I feel when I take that photo, I totally don't care what people thing about me. I just acting like that road is mine. HAHAHA!(Don't worry, I'll post that scandalous photo next time, just wait!)
And finally, after every experience i got from the orientation, IT IS OVER! And I feel really happy and sad in the same time. It will be the last orientation for me and I will be missing every moment (include that super handsome committee! LOL).