Saturday, November 10, 2012


It's been a month since my last post. So sorry. I really miss blogging but tons of assignment are waiting for me. I've no time just to watching DVD, or even refreshing my mind. I am trying the best on my first test a week ago and I still waiting for the result now. Wish me luck for that test okay?

By the way, I am finished watching korean drama "Rooftop prince". It's about a prince named Lee Gak which is comes from 300 years ago into future to find out mystery behind her princess's death. In the present day, the prince meet Hong Se Na who has an uncanny resemblance to his deceased Princess. Then he decided to marry that girl, so he can find out who killed his princess.

But, the prince fall in love with Park ha who is reincarnation from her princess's sister, Bu yong.

At last, Lee Gak realize that the girl who was death isn't his princess, but Bu yong. Bu yong eat the served persimmon that has been poisoned by the princess, and dressed as the princess and jump into the lake, so everyone will think the princess died.

With her last strength, Bu yong write a message for the prince. She tells that she has loved the prince since they were young.

This drama is tells us that if two people are meant together, there is no reason, no time can tear them apart. No matter what era, Lee Gak has fall for her, again and again.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Every spoken word interpreted as something mean. When I don't talk they think I am mad. When I talk, they don't interest. Everything I do is wrong. That's why I feel strange in my home. I think something called home is a place where you can share anything with your family member, do silly things, be yourself, and still accepted. It's not what I feel. I have one brother, and yes, he's totally different with me. He's smart, diligent, and patient. The problem is our different being compared and it is totally sucks. How can you wish both of your child become that perfect?
You always angry when I hang out with my friend frequently, but have you realize that I go because I feel not wanted? I don't know, I am too sensitive or what, but it's really hurt when you treat me like that.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

happy birthday to me

I'm officially 18 today! I am so thankful because God let me to see the world for 18 years. I feel totally blessed because I have a super super super family that always support me and friends that always stay beside me. I totally feel wanted, loved.

This doll is a gift from celine. I don't know this is rilakkuma's head or not (yes, I am crazy about rilakkuma!), but it's totally cute and soft!

This pretty birthday card is from inke

She bought me this mug because few days ago, I met this mug and I say to her "this mug was so cute, right?" and then TARAAAAA!

NB : I just wanna say THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes, for the gift, for the cake, for the surprise from EOK-ers, for everything! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

too late

I miss blogging. I miss holiday. I miss my high school. I miss how I can spend my day in front of my laptop watching DVD, browsing, and blogging! I am totally busy. I've a lot of school's things to do, I've prepare for presentation every week, I have no time even for hang out and it's so stressful.
By the way, as I said before, here is my orientation photo :

Here is my outfits and things that I need for complete this project. Yellow top and pants with '16', totally cute but shameful domo shower cap, toothbrush, toothpaste, mineral water for mouthwash, and I am ready to find the traffic light! GO GO GO!

The result :

And the shocking news : THE PHOTO INCORRECT, because the traffic lamp pillar must be yellow too! OH!Then I take a photo again with my friend in Saturday night, at the traffic lamp in front of mall, when every people around watching us.
oh man.

Monday, September 17, 2012

finally it's over!

Oh finally I can my normal life is come back!
Almost 2 weeks having an orientation day on my university really make me imprisoned.
Every morning before the sun-up, I've go to my university and go home when the sun already gone. I just sleep for 3 hours everyday because orientation's committee give a lot of task to do. I feel like a walking zombie for this 2 weeks. The first week, I have an orientation week for every new collage student named PRODAMMABA (PROgram penDAMpingan MAhasiswa BAru), then the second week, I have an orientation week for dentistry students named LDKM-TA (Latihan Dasar Kepemimpinan Mahasiswa - Temu Akrab). LDKM is totally complicated, because if someone make a mistake, all of us will get a punishment, because they say, when one of us make a mistake, it's one group's faults, and group's faults is everyone's fault. Dentistry orientation's committee ask all of us to bring something, but it must be same with each other.  For example, they ask us to bring 5 kind of food but it must be yellow, bring yellow lunchbox, black bag, make a paper about Kalimantan, etc. They also ask us to have a photo with a yellow shirt with the number 16 in black on the middle, yellow pants, and shower cup. The photo must be taken in the traffic light with the yellow pole when the yellow lamp turn on and one of your hand must be brushing the teeth until the foam is seen and the other hand make a 'peace'. And if you ask me, what I feel when I take that photo, I totally don't care what people thing about me. I just acting like that road is mine. HAHAHA!(Don't worry, I'll post that scandalous photo next time, just wait!)
And finally, after every experience i got from the orientation, IT IS OVER! And I feel really happy and sad in the same time. It will be the last orientation for me and I will be missing every moment (include that super handsome committee! LOL).

Friday, August 31, 2012


I'll post my picture from Malaysia after this because............. yeah, I am too lazy to get my DSLR cable and move the picture there to my laptop, so wait until next post! :p.
Almost a month ago, me and my friend, yoan and icil decided to taken a pictures with the professional photographer in our town and we choose Fey photography (again, for me and icil). I highly recommend their service to you who want to get a beautiful pictures of yourself with an affordable price. You won't regret it, I promise ;)

The first theme is vintage. The photographer ask where we want to take the photo and we say up to you, so she recommend mangrove.

The sun is so bright (you can see yoan's eyes just like a line, right?), the grass is tingle, and my heels is destroyed. But I just totally happy because my struggle is completely paid. These pictures is so lovely!

The second theme is school uniform. We just want to make a pictures with school uniform to show that we've ever been Sinlui students and we are so proud of it!

We are talking about how we miss our high school life, how we miss to wear that uniform, how we miss each other, how we miss our friends and teachers, and how we love our high school.

3 years not a long time for me. It just too fast that my high school is end. I get a lot of experiences, friends, knowledge and memories there. I've nothing to regret. I just want to say sorry if I ever hurt your heart, and I want to say thank you to you, who stay beside me no matter what, who stay support me, who keep believe in me, who give me a hug when they know something wrong happen to me, who make me know that there is a lot of people that still love me just the way I am. Thank you.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

homy home

Welcome home! I've just arrived at Surabaya yesterday and I really exhausted after clean up my house, so I decided to make a post today, and here is it.

Tarakan is not a big town. I think it is so small! You can go everywhere in that town just in less then 45 minutes (with car of course :p). What a small city, but have a pretty beach. I show this photo to my friend and she think I take this photo when I go to Bali few month ago. Honestly, the beach and the sky is not as blue as you see and not as pretty as you think. It just effect from my DSLR, in a good way I mean.

Another things I like from Tarakan is the environment. I am proudly say that it is still so green. I've ever see Tarakan's map and you know, more than half of this city is a forest!
Nevertheless, Tarakan is hotter than Surabaya! I don't know how come a lot of tree cannot reduce that.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

see ya!

It will be my last post for this month (I think ), because tomorrow I'll off to my hometown again, and maybe I'll go to Malaysia to visit my uncle there.
And ya, it's so hard to find internet connection there because my modem there already off since i left it 3 years ago, so I think i cannot update my blog until the end of this month.
I will posting as soon as I can. Stay tuned!

Monday, August 6, 2012

wheel of life

"What has happened before, even it's hurt, let it go. Or you'll always life in the past."

I just realized that I am already a college student, not a high school student anymore! Next month I'll start my college in the faculty of dentistry. Yes, I'll be a dentist in 4 years later (or 5? I forget it! lol)! It just unbelievable for me. If you ask every kids on primary school what they want to be when they are grown, most of them will say "I want to be a doctor!", so do I. When I was a kid, I want to be a doctor or a pharmacist. I think it's cool to wear a doctor coat. But when I am on high school, I know to be a doctor is not as easy as I think, and I know I am not that smart. So I am applying for faculty of pharmaceutical, and being approved. Then, many people tell me that study about a pharmacist is same with doctor( read : to hard for my brain). Actually, I don't know what I want to be. I love dress, i love fashion, but I know my parent wouldn't let me to be a fashion designer. They 'implicitly' just give me three option. A doctor, a dentist, or a pharmacist. Because I think doctor and pharmacist are to hard for me, so I choose to be a dentist!
I am not the kind of people who wouldn't do something I don't want, and I think be a dentist is not bad, right? We just live once, dare to try! :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

inside of all

"Even if the world betray you, you just yourself. Be brave, to stand up if you thing that is right, even it means you must stand alone."

Judging is something that you cannot avoid. It comes to you. Some is for your good, some is not.
I think everyone ever get a judge. So do I.
Not just from your friends, sometimes your family do.
People say you don't well-dressed, you have bad personality, you are nerd, and another kind of judge.
Don't be angry. What you need to show them is the prove. Maybe you're not perfect (yeah, nobody perfect), but you are worth it, just the way you are.
Your approval is not needed. My life is not based on other people's expectations. I am born this way.

Don't be afraid of being judged, maybe some people might hate you for it but some people will love you for it, be silly, be crazy, be you.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A paper of life.

Life is never easy. Is you to decide how your life will be go. When problem comes to you, what will you do? You face it bravely, or just run from it, it is your choice.

You must be know that life is equated with a book. When you born, you are like a new book without any scratch inside that book. Just clean, and pure.
Day by day, that book will be filled with a lot of words from you. Some is good but some is not.

Have you read a book and find a difficult plot? Will you stay on that pages until you understand, or just through that plot and read the next chapter? This parable is same when you get a conflict. When you write your story on the book and make a mistake, what will you do, let it go or not? It is up to yourself.

"Don't stay on the same page for a long time. Just let it go, or you'll never end the story. Don’t rush into your life, even in fairy tales the happy ending takes place on the last page." 

Book is like God's plan for us in the world. Just enjoy it. Story without conflict is just boring, right? :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

lets shop.

I've promise to make a post about things i love, and maybe for you too. Some is too late, but I still want it. :)

1. Clutch
I think clutch-era is coming back, doesn't it? Or it just on my opinion. And for me, balenciaga have that simple and pretty clutch that I aiming for.
Balenciaga clutch
Balenciaga clutch
If you want that bag, you can open it here.

2. Jeffrey Campbell
I don't know why I love jeffrey campbel shoes. I just love it. It has the edgy and feminine touch in the same time.

to get that shoes, you can open it here. It is on sale!

3. Neon
My mom always ask me why I love orange and tangerine. Because it bright, eye-catching, and neon! especially that green and yellow that seems like it can glow-in-the-dark.

source :

4. Spikes and skull
You must be know that louboutin and jeffrey campbell has launch their spikes-series a while ago. And here is it.

(Christian Louboutin Alti Pump Spikes)
(Christian Louboutin Pigalle flay spikes)

(Jeffrey campbell lita spike)

 (Jeffrey campbell skulltini)

Which one you choose? Flat or heels? If you ask me, I will say flat. I have always love flats, because it's easy and could be worn with loads of outfits compared to the heels. Who's with me?

5. Floral and brush
It's summer and a lot of people wearing floral, floral, and floral. And so do dip dyed shorts.

you can get this dip dyed shorts from abocshop.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I am still alive!

Hello reader, sorry for that long-no-post-period. I am a little bit busy, and confuse what to post on my blog, so I don't update it for one month. I just realized that my last post before that is exactly 1 month ago. And here I am, to tell you all that I still alive to manage my blog again. hahahahaha. Oh, if you have something you want me to post here, I'd be glad to know it. You can comment on my post or email me. Next post is about things that I love this month, so stay tuned :)

Friday, June 22, 2012

little touch from light

As i talk in my previous post, I will show you another photo taken from the same photographer, Fey photography. And if you haven't read part 1, you can open it from here.

When the photographer ask we to choose 2 themes for our photo, we decided to choose a picnic themes with a lot of cute stuff and fun (another reason we choose is Evelyn, my friend, falling in love with the map-suitcase. Oh, dear.) and the second themes is black dress, serious expression, with a lamp effect behind us. Feels so mean and so cool!

Katy Kantrantzou

Mary Katrantzou is a new 'it' print designer. She just add the 'room' into a dress and it looks so great. Honestly, I am not a much-colors-lover, but I just totally in love with her collection.

  Let take it closer and see the detail. :)

Her collections are now available worldwide in over 60 high end fashion shops and Mary Katrantzou's work added to hot list item of the month by Vogue. WOOOOO!