Friday, June 22, 2012

little touch from light

As i talk in my previous post, I will show you another photo taken from the same photographer, Fey photography. And if you haven't read part 1, you can open it from here.

When the photographer ask we to choose 2 themes for our photo, we decided to choose a picnic themes with a lot of cute stuff and fun (another reason we choose is Evelyn, my friend, falling in love with the map-suitcase. Oh, dear.) and the second themes is black dress, serious expression, with a lamp effect behind us. Feels so mean and so cool!

Katy Kantrantzou

Mary Katrantzou is a new 'it' print designer. She just add the 'room' into a dress and it looks so great. Honestly, I am not a much-colors-lover, but I just totally in love with her collection.

  Let take it closer and see the detail. :)

Her collections are now available worldwide in over 60 high end fashion shops and Mary Katrantzou's work added to hot list item of the month by Vogue. WOOOOO!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Picnic time.

Few weeks ago, I have a photo shoot together with my friend, Evelyn, in Fey photography, and i just get the file yesterday, so here is it.

The costume, accessories, camera, bag, doll are from fey. They have a lot of cute properties, and i love that bear so much!

I am highly recommend for you if you want to make a photo shoot there. They are so kind and we have a lot of fun there. We always laugh with no reason! And there will be part 2 with different themes. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

come home!

Hei! It has been 2 weeks from my last post, right? I've go to Tarakan, east of Kalimantan, Indonesia a.k.a my hometown and I didn't get any internet connection there, so I just can update my blog when I back to Surabaya.

The first time I come back to my hometown, i feel strange. There are so many things changes in this 3 years. I have a bad memories with my friends 3 years ago which is the last year before i go to Surabaya to study. But there's still my hometown. And I always love it. I don't care how I feel so comfy when I am in Surabaya, a little part of me still miss that little town.

Have you ever heard Tarakan? I am sure more of you never heard that name. Or maybe you just know the crab. Yes, Tarakan' crab is so famous because it so big and yummy :9. lol. So, let me tell you what I know about Tarakan. Tarakan is an island in the east kalimantan. It just like another town, but it's not as big as Surabaya or jakarta. Sometimes, you cannot find that island on the map. It is discrimination of the map-maker!

Tarakan don't have a tourist attractions (I think). It just have one little mall (very little in the real!) near the airport. And you have nowhere to shopping. Boring, right? If you come from big city and want to see Tarakan, I think you must think again :p

By the way, Tarakan is so hot! Someone say, if you come to tarakan and you doesn't get your skin be tan, it is impossible. So, for you who wants to get a tan skin, and you feel boring with Bali so you want a new atmosphere, I think tarakan is a good choice. lol. :)