Friday, October 28, 2011

not good enough

I know I am not smart enough on english so I can't write a good articel in my blog.
But, I love to write and blogging.
I think on my blog I can share anything.
When I feel very bad I can write here.
When I feel upset, I can write here.
I really need a place to share my life.

stay strong

reading yoan's articel its really touching. stay strong bunbun!

America next top model cycle 16 "crazy for"

i know it too late for me to post about that cycle. but i still want to post it! i love this session so damn much!
 crazy for fur
 crazy for shoes
crazy for bag
 crazy for make up (2 tumbs up for u jaqueline :D )
 crazy for hair (do you think that she crazy of hair?)
 crazy for sale
crazy for accessories


Now i fall in love with platform! Actually i love it after i see a fashion blogger who love platform wear it and it seem so gorgeous, unique, and edgy in the same time.

source :

All day long photo session

I have made my photo session with Lunette. That photo session is for my birthday on 8th Oct 2011. I'm so tired and boring because it is one-day photo session. One of the photographer very cool and it make me feel more boring. But actually it's good to have my photo with them. :)

The ginger doll is one of my photographer's, and I find it on his car.
I just fall in love with that doll and I playing it during the way to another photon session place.
And I so thankful to whoever that bring that doll to me so I can have the picture with that doll.

This is the edited photo from them, and next time I'll post another non-edited photo. Hope I don't forget it :)

Wardrobe : from my own collection
make up and hair do : Cherry

After lunette suggested me to use cherry as my make up artist for that pre-sweet photo, I just in love with her works. Not to much, just perfect for me.

 Photography by lunette visual industrie