Monday, February 27, 2012

America Next Top Model cycle 17 "all star"

Here is my favorite model on ANTM all star.

1. Kayla Ferrell (15)
Just love!

2. Laura Kirkpatrick (13)

I think i just in love with happiness that Laura have. She has a good personality and I love her photo. Very expensive.
3. Allison Harvard (12)

Allison is one of my favorite model from all season. Her eyes is killing me. Have you watch her underwater video clip?  That so amazing, isn't it? She just like an alive barbie.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Brittani kline

Brittani Autumn Kline joined the America's Next Top Model cycle 16th.
I have loved her look since the first time she come to the competition.
And she turn to a very gorgeous in every single photo.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

birthday bash

This is my birthday shoots that held almost one year ago on resto9, Surabaya, Indonesia. And that photo was taken before the party start.

After my make up already done, my photographer, yan agusta, ask me to go outside to took any picture. He find that sun effect to shoot me and the result is great. He is one of my favorite photographer in my town.

That party color is gold, red, and black. Such a beautiful place.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's celebration

My school ask we to use pink or white clothes to celebrate valentine's day. Here is some photo.
Yoan with valentine's present from me

 me with yoan
left to right : Me, Nia, Jul, Tiffany, Vania 

the victim here is kaspe

After wasting time by taking a lot of photo in my class and having a lot of fun here, I watch final football match which is held by my school on valentine's day.
Here is some photo about the match.
the opening.

I am back!

Sorry for late posting all. I have a lot of assignment now.
Yeah, you know, i must have to face my final exam on 3 month later. 
And i feel so depressed now :(
But, i have a free time today! *dancing*
So i will write about valentine's day celebration in my school on the next post. enjoy! :)