Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Joseph Vincent.

"Once the music bug hit him, he couldn’t stop. He began to play anywhere and everywhere."

Do you know who Joseph Vincent is? If you don't, so let me tell you about him. Joseph Vincent is a song-writer and a YouTube singer. He has named “YouTube Artist of the Year” by Australia-based Star Magazine because he got 19 million views on his YouTube channel. So amazing!

JV always had an ear for music. He began his music career when he still 15 years old. He began playing cover songs by Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz and start to composing and writing his own music. JV wrote his first two songs, On My Mind and Here for You.

One day, his dad told him to start posting up his work in YouTube. JV opened an account in 2007 and began to upload his music. He now has over 107,904 subscribers and nearly 19.3 million have viewed his work. You will love him! :)

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