Friday, June 15, 2012

Picnic time.

Few weeks ago, I have a photo shoot together with my friend, Evelyn, in Fey photography, and i just get the file yesterday, so here is it.

The costume, accessories, camera, bag, doll are from fey. They have a lot of cute properties, and i love that bear so much!

I am highly recommend for you if you want to make a photo shoot there. They are so kind and we have a lot of fun there. We always laugh with no reason! And there will be part 2 with different themes. Stay tuned!


A Garota do Biquíni de Bolinhas said...

Oi OI!
Adorei seu blog, achei ele no google
enquanto procurava uma imagem, e te achei! (rs)
Parabens pelo blog!


Lydia said...

Unluckily, I can't speak portugues, but thank you so much :)

Vivid Virginia said...

Those are so lovely :D