Friday, April 27, 2012

Balifornia - Day 1. Tanjung benoa

Last week, my school, Sinlui, make a farewell vacation to their students. We go to Bali with 13 buses that go hand in hand for hours and of course escorted by police cars.

The first plan of my class is tanjung benoa. We can play a lot of kind of water sport like banana boat, flying fish, and so on. Oh, it is very safety of course. ;)

The girl in the picture is Nia. Yes, she shaved her hair. It's ROCK!

 I'm the girl who use yellow hair tie. Do you realize something from the me? ya, I shaved my hair too. What do you think?


Nia Radjamin said...

Aww, thx for the complement Lyd! It's starting to grow though, still considering if I should let it grow or shave ir again..

Lydia said...

my hair grow rapidly! I think you should let it grow then make another experiment with your hair! :)