Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I think loneliness is bothering me. i don't know why. even there's a lot of people beside me, but i still feel i am alone. who can i trust? who hate me? who talk behind me?  i can't even make sure that my close friend love me as much as i do. life is gonna complicated because my heart works too hard, i think.
btw, i am tired being "bullied". i give " " because it's an implicit bullying. i mean, they're playing with me and because i respond it with a laugh, they become more annoying. started with a small action, then it comes to execrable. they pull my chair and it started. they draw my hand with a pen, they sign in my book, they got my stitch pencil case and playing with the stitch's tail. i can't move because the teacher was there and their foot hold my chair. so i stuck there. they call me fragile because i don't fight beck after what they do. i told you, it's not because i can't, but i don't want to. i am not angry. seriously. i am just tired.
and for whoever got bullied, be strong! maybe i can't give you a better motivation, but i know what you feel. remember, karma does exist.
just wait.

have a test next week so i need to studying right know. wish me tons of luck.

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