Tuesday, July 16, 2013

jolly july

Hello. Can't believe that it's already July. Time fly too fast, doesn't it? So, i officially(?) finished my first year in university. Have some good friends there and my test score good enough, i think my university life not as bad as i imagined before. Few days ago, me and my friend decided to went to mall because we don't know what should we do in campus but we won't back home. So here we go.

I bought a stiletto heels from Zara. I took it without thinking twice and my friend like, "we just entered this store for less than 5 minutes and you already queued to pay?" But I love this heels. I've been searching for a long time since it's already sold out there and I can't find another store who sell that kind of heels. So, when i came last time and look that stiletto, I bought it without even telling my mom because I think if you want to buy something then buy it, or you'll be blame yourself why you don't buy it.

Btw, it's on end season sale, so it's okay. :p

Honestly, I want the blue one since i love blue, but i think black is not bad. I can tell you that I am not kind of girls who usually buy a pair of heels like that because I don't wear heels everyday to mall. I prefer to wear something comfy like flat or flip flop. I think my obsession about that one a little bit abnormal. I even buy one size bigger since i can't find mine.

 PS : editing my photo because have nothing to do. Personally I like the red light effect :p

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