Saturday, August 31, 2013

over again

Haven't post anything for a month because I'm enjoying my holiday *wink*. Went to my hometown couple weeks ago to take my e-ktp, and then I went to Bali and Jakarta. I'll post about that next time.

Find out some quotes and pictures from tumblr that matched with my current feeling, so i want to share it.  
have you ever heard that stressed backwards spells desserts? lol


messy bun with a cute ribbon is a good choice when you're too lazy to blow it, rite? ;)

every girl has those problem.

 if you don't have something good to talk, then keep your mouth shut and don't hurt others with your words.
everyone has their own opinion about something they like or not, so please, respect others opinion as well. you don't know how much i hurt when i talk about things that i want, then you said it was ugly and tell me not to buy it, without looking twice. I was heartbroken. I was cried in my silent.
Then, i learned something. You can't ask people to have the same taste with you. If you don't agree with my opinion then tell me with a good words. It's better not to break people's heart.

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