Thursday, May 1, 2014

hap happy kids

Well, hello there.
I am still alive and checking my blog frequently, fyi.
Just don't know what to post so here i am
abandoning my blog again, and again.
but still, i want to say thank you so much for 1-2 visitor who still checking my blog even i didn't post anything for 4 month! *hug*

Btw, I just finished my exam weeks yesterday, and i feel so happy that i can smile all day long thinking about that HAHAHA.
Seriously, I spent more than 2 weeks only in my room read "asjhsbfgtb" stuff and sleeping with bunch of papers, and wish osmotic theory works. lol
I haven't receive the result, but i do my best and God will do the rest, doesn't he?
Wish me luck! :)

PS: i just make account and you can ask me or just say hello from box on my blog :)

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