Saturday, January 4, 2014

It's christmas dear!

I am sorry for this super late post,but better late than never, right? :p

So, me and my friend decided to make an early Christmas dinner on 14th of December 2013 since everyone already busy preparing their holiday trip next week.


We prepare anything for the table decoration less than 2 days and the result is not bad! And my friend bought this cute snowman and raindeer for the decoration too :)

We came early to the restaurant to decorate.

It is the details of table setting. And yes, we got a glass of red wine, but i don't drink it since i don't like these kind of drink.

The food is soooo good :9

Actually we want to dress Christmas-ly like red and green, but then we think there are so many kind of green and some people don't have both of these color, so we decided to wear all black since black dress is a must have color on every girl's wardrobe. XD

and in the end, I'd like to wish all of you a Happy New Year 2014! My wish for this year, i hope i can posting consistently, take better photographs of anything, live more YOLO and YOYO, and of course be a better person!
And for my family and friends, i would say thanks for being part of my life, thank you for always cheering me u, thank you for being such a patient person when I'm talk non sense, thank you for giving me advice, thank you for make me feel loved.
I would say sorry for every mistake I made. I hope everything happened in 2013 will be a great lesson for all of us.

Once again, welcome to 2014! Make sure to write a good book. *kisses*



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