Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A paper of life.

Life is never easy. Is you to decide how your life will be go. When problem comes to you, what will you do? You face it bravely, or just run from it, it is your choice.

You must be know that life is equated with a book. When you born, you are like a new book without any scratch inside that book. Just clean, and pure.
Day by day, that book will be filled with a lot of words from you. Some is good but some is not.

Have you read a book and find a difficult plot? Will you stay on that pages until you understand, or just through that plot and read the next chapter? This parable is same when you get a conflict. When you write your story on the book and make a mistake, what will you do, let it go or not? It is up to yourself.

"Don't stay on the same page for a long time. Just let it go, or you'll never end the story. Don’t rush into your life, even in fairy tales the happy ending takes place on the last page." 

Book is like God's plan for us in the world. Just enjoy it. Story without conflict is just boring, right? :)


Y Park said...

I like that don't stay at the same page too long

Adele said...

Change is always good in our lives & without the challenges there are no rewards.
Would love you to check out my latest post :)
Happy Wednesday Hun xoxo

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Lovely post! Life is what you make it!