Wednesday, August 1, 2012

inside of all

"Even if the world betray you, you just yourself. Be brave, to stand up if you thing that is right, even it means you must stand alone."

Judging is something that you cannot avoid. It comes to you. Some is for your good, some is not.
I think everyone ever get a judge. So do I.
Not just from your friends, sometimes your family do.
People say you don't well-dressed, you have bad personality, you are nerd, and another kind of judge.
Don't be angry. What you need to show them is the prove. Maybe you're not perfect (yeah, nobody perfect), but you are worth it, just the way you are.
Your approval is not needed. My life is not based on other people's expectations. I am born this way.

Don't be afraid of being judged, maybe some people might hate you for it but some people will love you for it, be silly, be crazy, be you.

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Hello dear,
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