Sunday, November 10, 2013

WGM - Khuntoria

I just finished watching we got married (WGM) nickhun & victoria yesterday and yes, i cried. A lot.
I know this program just a fake marriage but i think they should have feeling for each other! they even kiss on their wedding shoot.<3 p="">

I wake up this morning and the first things i think was them. I feel so sad and disappointed because it's over. This is the first time i feel so many emotion from a tv program. I even think i know how they feel.

I love how nickhun take care of his wife when her cloth show too much skin. and this is so cutee.

this is the first time victoria give a back hugs for her husband. Vic ask nickhun to play piano for her, and he brought the keyboard to the rooftop and play a song. Vic stand behind khun and write something on his back and give him a back hug!

They just come back from maldives, and both of them receive a disc. It's a slideshow picture about all things they've done as a couple for 1 year and 3 month, and in the end it said that their fake marriage will be over on 12.00 PM.

The last day was also their 456 days anniversary, so nickhun make a party for his wife and inviting f(x) member.

When their friend left, khun show a video that he take after received the disc. On that video, i can clearly see khun was holding back his tears because he want them to end it happily. but i think it makes me more sad.

and their last scene was on 63 building, because they meet each other for the first time on that building too!
Vic want to wait khun on level 60-just like the first time-, so she went to lv. 60 first. Then, khun gets lift and go to meet Vic. It breaks my heart when i see khun was crying on his way to meet Vic. :(
When the lift open, vic was standing there and bought a latter. And after that, i don't even care what they say, because i was crying so bad. :p :p

Just get a message that my test score was come out! Even if i can't get an A, but still thanks God i don't need to pay for a remedial test. lol.

so, see you on the next post!

oh, i almost forget! You can watch it online here. :)

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