Tuesday, August 28, 2012

homy home

Welcome home! I've just arrived at Surabaya yesterday and I really exhausted after clean up my house, so I decided to make a post today, and here is it.

Tarakan is not a big town. I think it is so small! You can go everywhere in that town just in less then 45 minutes (with car of course :p). What a small city, but have a pretty beach. I show this photo to my friend and she think I take this photo when I go to Bali few month ago. Honestly, the beach and the sky is not as blue as you see and not as pretty as you think. It just effect from my DSLR, in a good way I mean.

Another things I like from Tarakan is the environment. I am proudly say that it is still so green. I've ever see Tarakan's map and you know, more than half of this city is a forest!
Nevertheless, Tarakan is hotter than Surabaya! I don't know how come a lot of tree cannot reduce that.


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