Monday, August 6, 2012

wheel of life

"What has happened before, even it's hurt, let it go. Or you'll always life in the past."

I just realized that I am already a college student, not a high school student anymore! Next month I'll start my college in the faculty of dentistry. Yes, I'll be a dentist in 4 years later (or 5? I forget it! lol)! It just unbelievable for me. If you ask every kids on primary school what they want to be when they are grown, most of them will say "I want to be a doctor!", so do I. When I was a kid, I want to be a doctor or a pharmacist. I think it's cool to wear a doctor coat. But when I am on high school, I know to be a doctor is not as easy as I think, and I know I am not that smart. So I am applying for faculty of pharmaceutical, and being approved. Then, many people tell me that study about a pharmacist is same with doctor( read : to hard for my brain). Actually, I don't know what I want to be. I love dress, i love fashion, but I know my parent wouldn't let me to be a fashion designer. They 'implicitly' just give me three option. A doctor, a dentist, or a pharmacist. Because I think doctor and pharmacist are to hard for me, so I choose to be a dentist!
I am not the kind of people who wouldn't do something I don't want, and I think be a dentist is not bad, right? We just live once, dare to try! :)

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Anna Brain said...

Oh wow! WOWnderful!! :)